Bodycote's objective is to create superior shareholderreturns through the provision of selected thermal processing services that are highly valued by our customers, giving full regard to a safe working environment for our employees and with the minimal environmental impact.

Strategic priorities


Driving operational improvement

Continuous improvement of business processes and systems which make us more efficient and responsive.

Capitalising on and investing in our Specialist Technologies

Delivering unique solutions that provide customers with innovative, high value added products to meet the changing needs within component manufacturing.

Investing in Emerging Markets

Expanding with our customers in rapid growth countries with an emphasis on Eastern Europe, Mexico and China.

Investing in structural growth opportunities

We invest in markets with long term structural opportunities such as the civil aviation market.


Adding bolt-on acquisitions to improve our plant network in Classical Heat Treatment, and investing in larger acquisitions and adjacent technologies to grow Specialist Technologies.

Safety & Environment

At the foundation of our business is the provision of a safe working environment for our employees, and to operate with minimal environmental impact.

Throughout this report you will see illustrations which link our business and strategy:

Strategy & Core Values

Customer service

Aerospace, Defence & Energy

Rapid growth countries


Automotive & General Industrial

Core values

Key Performance Indicators

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