Classical heat treatment

Classical Heat Treatment

Classical Heat Treatment is the controlled heating and cooling process of metals in order to obtain the desired mechanical, chemical and metallurgical properties during the manufacturing of a product.

It provides wear resistance, strength or toughness depending on the application. Surface hardness can be controlled by diffusing elements such as carbon and nitrogen into the metal during the heating stages of the process. Classical Heat Treatment is an indispensable set of processes within the manufacturing chain of most of the products used in life. A seat belt buckle for example, hardens after heat treatment so that it keeps the passenger safe during an accident. A screwdriver lasts longer without wear or a screw fastens components together without fail only after heat treatment.

Classical Heat Treatment is carried out in precisely controlled industrial furnaces which can heat up to temperatures above 1000C and use quenchants like oil, water or Nitrogen gas to cool the heated material. During the process the microstructure of the metal transforms into a different structure which results in hardening or softening of the material depending on the process. Engineers can design thinner, lighter but stronger components with the help of Classical Heat Treatment.

Specialist technologies

Specialist Technologies

A selection of highly differentiated, early stage processes with high margins, large market opportunity and good growth prospects. Bodycote is either the clear market leader or one of the top players among few competitors

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP Services)

Improves component integrity and strength by application of extreme pressure & heat

HIP PF inc. Powdermet®

Additive manufacturing of often complex components in conjunction with HIP

Specialty Stainless Steel (S3P)

Improves the strength, hardness and wear resistance of stainless steels

Surface Technology

Enhances component life using ceramic and metal coatings

Low Pressure Carburising (LPC)

Provides a hardened surface and tough core in a "clean" process under vacuum


Improves corrosion resistance & wear properties without use of chrome